The Florida Experimental Film/Video Festival dates are February 24th-27th, 2022 in Tampa, Florida. Festival applications for FLEX ’22 are now LIVE! The Call for Entries is only open for 1 month! This call will close on 12/22/21!

FLEX doesn’t want to know in advance what experimental means. We’re interested in work that challenges generic designations (including the traditional “avant garde” or “underground” ones). Work may also draw on documentary, narrative, animation, or any other tradition – or no tradition at all. So, what is experimental? We’re hoping to be surprised by your answer.


The Florida Experimental Film and Video Festival returns! The festival will be held February 24th – 27th, 2022 in Tampa, FL. Submissions should be 30mins or less and completed after October of 2018.

FLEX is looking for non-commercial cinematic short works that do not conform to traditional conventions. We love personal, essayist, and poetic moving-image work that wasn’t created for the purposes of “getting your foot in the door” or any other cliched, capitalistic tendencies. We are rooted in something closer to a folk or communal tradition. So much so, we don’t even use film freeway or any other of those industry feeders. Remember that FLEX is completely volunteer run. We are only asking for a $5 USD submission fee for all works (including festival alum). If you are a resident of the global south, please let us know and we will reduce your submission fee to $1 USD.

We made a promise to our community two years ago: to pay all exhibiting artists. We are planning to do a donation drive as we write this. Full transparency, we ran FLEX ’19 with less than $4500 total. We mostly paid out of pocket for 6 months and waited for reimbursements. That’s love and we hope y’all show some back. This year, if we are given less than $10K, we will divide 80% of the money we collect from submissions, ticket fees, and donations this year, evenly between filmmakers and we will provide housing and some meals (guaranteed a tent and granola at the very least) to all filmmakers that can attend.  If we are given more than $10K, we will pay every filmmaker showing work at FLEX ’22 $50 and provide housing. If we are given more than $100K, we will pay for all exhibiting filmmakers to travel to FLEX, give them housing, pay each a screening fee of $75, cover all meals, waive submission fees, and ticket prices for next year’s festival. We are doing our best, but this is Florida, y’all. Keep that in mind.

Please fill out the submission form completely and accurately. Use as separate submission form for each work you are submitting.

For submission questions email us at

Submission Format

The Video url is for the submission process ONLY. If your work is accepted, you'll be notified about how to submit your work for the festival. We are hoping to let you know by January 15, 2022.

Synopsis of the Work Submitted

Please include a brief synopsis of the piece you are submitting.

Screening Format

Indicate the format of the work as it will be screened if your submission is accepted to the festival.

Contact Information

Often times in our community, the Artist is also the distributor. If that is not the case and you are submitting work on behalf of the Artist, please put your name and contact information here. If you are self-distributing (in most cases). Please fill out the contact information below with your name. We know the name thing is redundant, but it makes it easier on us to sort through submissions. Thanks!

Submission Payment

FLEX is operating with a zero balance bank account this year. We are asking for a $5 submission fee from all submitting filmmakers including festival alum. If you are a Global South, 2nd or 3rd World citizen, and cannot afford the $5 fee, please pay 1$ and send us an email. (FYI, we will also be charging a modest $5 ticket fee for screenings this year, asking for donations, TO pay a small fee to all filmmakers that are included in the 2022 festival.)